pearls-Potsdam Research Network

The Potsdam Research Network connects the University of Potsdam and 21 non-university research institutions at the science region of Potsdam/Berlin. The pearls – Potsdam Research Network was established as a foundation under civil law in 2011 with the goal of promoting research, education, and training at the science region of Potsdam.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

The network brings together research institutions of the Leibniz Association, the Helmholtz Association, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Max Planck Society, and the University of Potsdam as well as the Hasso-Plattner- Institut for Software Systems Engineering and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. The network is supported by the pearls coordination office, which serves as a central contact point, supporting all network partners through activities in science management and research marketing. It offers a platform for joint research proposals and creates synergies for the promotion of early-stage researchers, thereby increasing the visibility of its network partners to funding agencies and policy-makers.

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Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler

Managing Director

Silke Brodersen, Ph.D.

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